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TEL: +81-80-4160-5444
FAX: +813-5842-1403

The Dreves Foreign Law Office provides high-quality legal advice and assistance in English and Japanese to Japanese and foreign corporations, law firms and individuals regarding domestic, cross-border and foreign-law transactional and regulatory matters. The Firm maintains the highest ethical and quality standards.

The Firm’s principal, Mr. Dreves, has broad and deep international transactional and regulatory experience, earned while representing leading corporations, banks and securities firms and regulators in the U.S. and Japan and regarding projects in other jurisdictions.

As a graduate of Harvard Law School with long professional experience in New York and Tokyo, both in law firms and as in-house counsel, Mr. Dreves is able to offer timely and appropriate solutions to legal issues, grounded on an understanding of legal systems in the U.S., Japan and other major jurisdictions and on familiarity with relevant local and international business practices.

The Firm can provide value in directly advising on a wide range of matters, and can draw upon the talents of its broad network of Japanese and international lawyers and law firms licensed to practice in Japan, the U.K. and other key international jurisdictions. The Firm makes use of this network when appropriate, and can assist clients in engaging such other lawyers on particular matters where special expertise or large staffs are advisable.

The experience of Mr. Dreves and the Firm’s network allows the Firm to offer outstanding legal service both to clients operating in the Japanese market and to clients operating in the international markets.

Mr. Dreves is competent in written and spoken business-level Japanese and can negotiate and review contracts and legal documents and provide advice in both English and Japanese.